1812: Windows Assigns a New Letter to the Cloned Drive

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Last update: 21-12-2010

This is normal behavior if you boot Windows with both the source and the cloned drive attached

This article applies to:


  1. You clone your hard disk drive using any of the listed Acronis products;
  2. After cloning, you boot the computer with both the source (old) drive and the cloned (new) drive plugged;
  3. In Windows the cloned drive gets assigned a new letter, different from the source drive.

This is normal behavior. Windows will not reuse the partition letters from the source drive, if you boot with both the source and the cloned drive attached. Instead, it will assign new letters. If you do this, please redo the cloning. See also Cloning Laptop Hard Disk.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended to detach the source or the cloned drive from the computer before booting it.

More information

The described behavior does not depend on whether you clone in Windows or from Acronis Bootable Media.