1805: Acronis True Image asks to insert next volume when backing up to USB flash drive

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Last update: 11-04-2019

If the flash drive is formatted in FAT32, then the size of one file is limited to 4 GB


  1. Using Acronis True Image you back up data of over 4 GB in size to a FAT32 flash drive;
  2. During the backup process Acronis True Image gives consecutive messages similar to following ones:

    Please insert the first media

    Please insert the next volume


The FAT32 file system limits file size to 4 GB.

When backing up to FAT32 media, Acronis True Image automatically splits the backup archive to 4 GB volumes.

Acronis True Image treats flash drives as removable media.


When the Insert next volume messages pop up, click OK to let Acronis True Image continue the backup process.

You can also format your flash drive to NTFS to overcome the issue.

You can also disable the warning in the backup options of Acronis True Image: Backup options -> Advanced -> Removable media settings -> Ask for first media when creating backups on removable media

More information

When backing up to a FAT32 internal hard disk drive, Acronis True Image will automatically split the backup archive to 4 GB volumes without any messages.

If Windows Disk Management detects your external FAT32 hard disk drive as removable, then there will pop up the Insert next volume messages.

To invoke Windows Disk Management click Start -> Run and type diskmgmt.msc. In Windows Disk Management, check if the external drive has the FAT32 file system.