1801: Multiple E-Mail Notifications Fail in Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange

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You can only set one E-mail address to receive notifications regarding the backup process

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  1. You have set up two or more E-mail addresses to receive E-mail notifications regarding the backup process;
  2. Sending notifications fails with the following error entry in the program log (Tools -> Log):

    Communication error


The option to send multiple E-mail notifications has not been realized.


If you set up one E-mail address to receive notifications, then the option should work.

To have the notifications sent to multiple E-mail addresses, you can use the following workaround:

  1. Create an E-mail address that will receive all notifications from Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange;
  2. Set this E-mail address to automatically redirect all notifications to the other E-mail addresses that you need.

More information

See also Chapter 11.1 E-mail Notifications of the respective User Guide.