18001: How to Change Password for Your Acronis Account

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Last update: 20-06-2022

If you have forgotten your password, use THIS ARTICLE.

To change password for your account at the Acronis website, do the following:

  1. Log in to your account on Acronis website:

  2. Go to the Profile tab:
  3. Click on Change password button in Primary contact section if you have a business account or in User information section if you have a personal account:

  4. In the Change password window, repeat your current password; then type a new password and confirm the new password in the available fields, then press Save changes:

    It is not possible to set passwords shorter than 6 symbols.

    For security reasons, the number of dots in the Password field may differ from your actual password length.

  5. If the value in the Current password field matches the previous password and the values in New password and Confirm new password match, your password will be changed.

If you face any issues changing password please contact Acronis Support.