1800: Creating BartPE Media with Acronis Universal Restore

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Last update: 15-10-2010

To create BartPE media with Acronis Universal Restore you will need to have Acronis True Image, Acronis Universal Restore and PE builder

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The Acronis Universal Restore technology provides an efficient solution for restoration of a hardware-independent system by replacing the crucial HAL and hard disk controller drivers. Acronis Universal Restore is an optional program feature. It should be purchased separately and installed from a separate .msi setup file. Acronis Universal Restore can only be installed on a computer where at least one of the following Acronis components is installed:

The supported operating systems are:


  1. Install Acronis True Image plug-in for BartPE:
    • To get the plug-in you need to use the Custom type of installation:

    • Then choose the plug-in for BartPE to be installed:

  2. Install Acronis Universal Restore on the same machine where Acronis True Image is installed.

  3. Download the PE builder and install it;

  4. Go to the Acronis True Image installation folder. (The default folder is C:\Program Files\Acronis). Rename the BartPE folder to Acronis. Copy this folder into the Plugin folder in the BartPE builder installation directory. (The default directory is C:\pebuilder3110a or similar);
  5. Go to the to the /Plugin/Acronis folder and open the acronis.inf file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad);

  6. Open Windows Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> regedit) and browse to the following subkey:

    Windows 32 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Acronis\UniversalRestore\

    Windows 64 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432node\Acronis\UniversalRestore\

  7. Copy the necessary value data from the UniversalRestore subkey by doing the following:

    Acronis True Image Echo Server for Windows

    • Double-click on server

    Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server

    • Double-click on enterprise

    Acronis True Image Echo for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

    • Double-click on sbserver

    Acronis True Image Echo Workstation

    • Double-click on workstation
  8. In the acronis.inf file scroll to the [Software.AddReg] section and add the following line at the end of the section:

    Acronis True Image Echo Server for Windows

      0x1, "Acronis\UniversalRestore", "[Product Name]", "[Value data]"


    [Product Name] - Windows Registry name of the product: server for Acronis True Image Echo Server for Windows; enterprise for Acronis True Image Echo Enterpriser Server; sbserver for Acronis True Image Echo for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server; workstation for Acronis True Image Echo Workstation

    [Value data] - Data copied at Step 7


      0x1, "Acronis\UniversalRestore", "enterprise", " 0 0 31 0 31120 23 20 98 31 10120 15 27 17 12102120 3 6 20 13 22120 23 3108 5 29"
  9. Save the acronis.inf file;

  10. Run the PE builder, put in the necessary paths (the online help is available at http://nu2.nu/pebuilder/help/), and click the Plugins button:

  11. Make sure you have Acronis True Image plug-in enabled on the Plugins screen:

  12. Close the Plugins window and click the Build button to start the building process. If you want the image to be burned to CD, please check the Burn to CD option and choose the necessary burner in the Device menu;
  13. After the image is created, burn it to CD or DVD. (If you did not check the Burn to CD option at the previous step).

More information

See also Working with Acronis True Image Plug-In for BartPE.