1797: Acronis License Server Management Console Errors Out with "Computer is not found"

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Last update: 29-06-2009

Manually start Acronis Agent, check Firewall settings, try disabling SSL encryption


  1. You run Acronis License Server Management Console;
  2. In the main window you click Manage Licenses;
  3. Acronis License Server Management Console shows the following error message:

Alternatively, the error message could be similar to the following one:

E000807D8 The system could not log you on


The possible causes are:

  • Acronis Remote Agent service is not started;
  • Firewall settings block the connection;
  • SSL certificate is incorrectly generated.


  1. Try to manually start Acronis Agent on the machine where Acronis License Server is installed:
    • Click Start -> Run;
    • Type services.msc in the command prompt and hit Enter;
    • Right-click on the Acronis Remote Agent line and choose Start in the pop-up menu.

    If Acronis Agent fails to start, please see Acronis Agent Fails to Start.

  2. Check Firewall settings as described in Firewall settings for Acronis products;
  3. Try disabling SSL encryption as described in Acronis Management Console Cannot Connect to Remote Components.

More information

If you need further assistance, please contact Acronis Support with reference to this article.