1772: Acronis True Image Backup Units: Archive, Slice, Volume

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Last update: 26-03-2009

An archive consists of slices, which in turn may consist of volumes


Using Acronis True Image you can create full, incremental and differential backup archives.

You can also make Acronis True Image split a full, incremental or differential archive into volumes.

Acronis True Image backups can be defined as follows:

  • Archive - Known as archive chain, archive group, it is the whole set of backup files managed by a single backup task. The archive can consist of one or several slices.
  • Slice - It is a set of files that is created during each cycle of the task execution. The amount of slices created is always equal to the amount of times the task is executed. A slice represents a point in time, to which the system can be restored.
  • Volume - It is a *.tib file associated with the slice. Usually there is only one volume for a slice, however, each slice may consist of several volumes. If you have set archive splitting in the task options, the resulting slice will be split to several files. These files are the slice's volumes.

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