1764: Acronis Archive Resorter

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Last update: Thu, 2009-03-26 18:18

Using Acronis Archive Resorter you can recover the backup archives from a corrupt or deleted Acronis Backup Server

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Acronis Backup Server, which is a component of Acronis True Image, is used to store and automatically manage backups saved to it. Such backups are stored on the local disk as files with GUID names (e.g., SDGFT-ASTET-23SGD2-SDGDG-74G4S). These backup archives can only be accessed through Acronis Backup Server.

If Acronis Backup Server is uninstalled from the machine or becomes corrupt, the only way to recover the backup files that it stored is to use Acronis Archive Resorter.

Acronis Archive Resorter converts GUID files into regular .tib archives.


  1. Download Acronis Archive Resorter and run it;
  2. On the Welcome screen click Next;
  3. On the Select directory screen browse to the folder that you used as Backup location of Acronis Backup Server. This is where the GUID files that you need to recover are supposed to be;
  4. Click Next. Acronis Archive Resorter will change the GUID files to the regular .tib files. The files will stay in the same folder;
  5. Click Finish.

More information

(!) Running Acronis Archive Resorter over a Backup location of healthy Acronis Backup Server will make the backup archives stored there inaccessible through Acronis Backup Server. The reverse operation of changing .tib archives to GUID files is not possible.

Acronis Archive Resorter is a disaster recovery tool and should only be used to recover files from Backup location of a corrupt or uninstalled Acronis Backup Server.