1760: What's New in Acronis True Image Home 2009

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Last update: Tue, 2010-12-21 15:50

Support for ZIP format, ability to search through .tib archives for files by name or by part of name, one-click protection and other innovations


  • One-Click Protection. After the installation, at the first start of Acronis True Image Home the program will take stock of your computer storage devices and if you have enough free space, it will offer to protect your system right away by backing up your system volume and Master Boot Record to the storage location of your choice. In addition, Acronis True Image Home will offer you to refresh such backups regularly (by default, once in seven days). So you just need to click Protect and your system will be protected from a disaster.

  • File search using Google Desktop and Windows Desktop Search. If you use one of these search engines, you will be able to search for files through multiple archives by name or by part of name and then restore individual files easily and quickly. In addition, they provide Acronis True Image Home with an ability of performing full-text indexing of the files in .tib archives, so you will be able to perform searches of the files contents.

    (!) The Acronis True Image Home file search feature supports only .tib files. The program does not index .zip files for searching, even if they are created by Acronis True Image Home.

  • Make reserve copies of your backups. You can make reserve copies of your backups and save them on the file system, a network drive, or a USB stick. You have a choice of making a reserve copy as regular (flat) files, a .zip compressed file, and a .tib file.

  • Support for ZIP format. Now you can create file-level backup archives as .zip files. ZIP is one of the most widely used and popular archiving formats. In addition, Windows has inbuilt support of this file format making it possible to extract files from backups created by Acronis True Image Home without using the program itself.

  • Consolidation of backup files. You can create a consistent copy of archive while deleting selected backups. This allows you deleting the backups you do not need any more from any archive without harming the archive.

  • Automatic computer shutdown after backup or restoration finishes. You can now perform a backup at night and go to sleep without bothering about turning off the computer - the program will do this on its own.

  • Archive to various places. You can save full, incremental and differential backups of the same data entity (e.g., a partition, disk, E-mail) almost anywhere you like. In the earlier versions of Acronis True Image Home all backups belonging to the same data entity could be stored only in the same place. Now you have the ultimate flexibility in choosing a place for backups of the same data entity - a network share, CD/DVD, USB stick, FTP-server, any local internal or external hard drive, etc. Furthermore, you can now give meaningful names to incremental and differential backups, for example, something like SystemDiskbeforeRepartitioning.

  • Archive encryption. Acronis True Image Home allows encrypting backup files with the industry-standard AES cryptographic algorithms: 128, 192 or 256-bit.

  • More user-friendly. Completely redesigned user interface and usability enhancements make Acronis True Image Home easier to use than ever before.

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Acronis True Image Home 2010 is a newer version of the product. See Acronis True Image Home 2010.