1751: Setting Credentials for Group Tasks in Acronis Group Server

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Last update: 26-03-2009

You need to manually set credentials for all machines that do not have the same username and password as the ones provided at the Acronis Group Server installation

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When installing Acronis Group Server, you will be asked for credentials. The credentials you provide are used for running the Acronis Group Server service and also applied to all networked computers. If some of the networked computers require different login credentials for connection or are in a different domain, then it is necessary to manually set credentials for such machines.


  1. Using Acronis Management Console you connect to Acronis Group Server;
  2. On the Acronis Group Server Management Screen select the machine that does not have a golden key sign next to it in the Login Info column;
  3. Under Computer Details in the lower left side block select Set next to Credentials;
  4. Set the credentials in the form of Domain\Username or Workgroup\Username and click OK.

More information

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