1747: Backup of Large Amount of Files Fails

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Last update: 16-02-2011

Acronis True Image backs up the whole hard disk drives or partitions, but errors out on file backup when there is a massive amount of files

This article applies to:


  • With Acronis True Image you are trying to do file backup by running the Backup wizard and selecting My Data;
  • You select one or several folders to back up. The amount of files in the selected folders is tens of thousands;
  • During the backup process Acronis True Image fails with an error message similar to the following one:

    E0004000A: Failed to backup file or folder
    Error creating the file (0x4000A)


Acronis True Image runs out of system resources on the machine when backing up thousands of files (in one or several folders).


There is an issue with the compression algorithm. To avoid this, in the task options, set the compression level to none.

Try running separate backup tasks, so that the amount of files in a onetime backup will be reduced.

More information

Backup of the whole hard disk drives or partitions should run successfully regardless of the amount of files on the disks. The issue is only with the file backup.

When you back up the whole hard disk drives or partitions, Acronis product creates a snapshot of the system (see SnapAPI). When you run a file backup, the product creates a copy of each file and puts it into a TIB archive keeping the folder structure.

(!) Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 can back up more than 10 million files in one task.

See also Acronis Backup Software: Recovery of Large Amount of Files from a File Backup Fails.