1744: Difference between Pre/Post Commands and Before/After Data Capture Commands

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Last update: 13-07-2017

Pre/post commands are executed before or after the whole backup process. Before/after data capture commands are executed during the backup process, right before and immediately after the snapshot

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup & Recovery
  • Acronis True Image


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You can make Acronis Backup & Recovery or Acronis True Image automatically run commands before or after the backup process. This is done by specifying the commands (or any executable files) in the Pre/Post commands option in your backup plan.

In Acronis Backup & Recovery you can alternatively specify comands to be executed before and after data capture by providing commands or executable file (e.g., batch files) in the Before/after data capture commands option of your backup plan. The commands will be executed during the backup process right before Acronis Backup & Recovery makes a snapshot of the system and immediately after it, before the actual backup process completes. This option is useful if you have the Volume Shadow Copy Service option enabled and a database or application that is not compatible with VSS. Using the pre/post data capture commands, you can suspend a database or application for a short time frame instead of suspending them for the whole backup process with Pre/Post commands.

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