1738: Automatic Consolidation in Acronis Backup Server

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Last update: 26-03-2009

You can set consolidation to run automatically in Acronis Backup Server to comply with the quotas and time limits set for each profile

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You can schedule automatic consolidation in Acronis Backup Server to keep only the necessary amount of archives in a Backup Location.

Automatic consolidation runs based on Quotas and Time Limits set for each Administrator or User Profile.

If the archives in the Backup Location exceed the values of the set quotas and time limits, Acronis Backup Server will combine the first full backup with the next incremental one into one full backup. The resulting consolidated archive will be dated the later backup date. Then, if necessary, this backup will be combined with the next incremental one until the values of quotas and time limits set for this Backup Location are met. The oldest full backup archive is always deleted as a part of automatic consolidation.

(!) The actual number of backups can exceed the Maximum number of backups by one. This enables the program to detect the fact of quota violation and start consolidation.

Sample scenario

  1. Using Acronis Management Console you connect to Acronis Backup Server;

  2. On the Acronis Backup Server Management screen you click Set up Administrator Profiles or Set up User Profiles;

  3. Select a Profile and click Edit;

  4. On the Quotas and Time Limits of the Backup Location screen you set any or all of the quota values:

    • Maximum backup location size
    • Maximum number of backups in a location
    • Maximum number of incremental backups for each full backup
    • Maximum storage period (days)

  5. After completing the wizard and hitting Proceed, you return to the Acronis Backup Server Management screen and select Specify Default Settings;

  6. On the Default Settings screen you pick Schedule Automatic Consolidation and Backup Management;

  7. On the Task Execution Periodicity you select how often you would like the program to check for the compliance with quotas set for all Backup Locations and run automatic consolidation if necessary. For example, you set it to run Periodically -> Daily -> Every 2 days.

The task will run every two days and perform automatic consolidation if at least one of the four quota values is violated.

(!) You will not be able to save an archive to Backup Location if the quota has been violated but the automatic consolidation task has not run yet.

More information

Automatic consolidation can only be scheduled to run at the same time for all Administrator or User Profiles of Acronis Backup Server. It cannot be scheduled for each Profile separately.

See also Quotas and Time Limits in Acronis Backup Server.