1724: Acronis Snap Deploy 3 License Policy

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Last update: 18-10-2010

There are server and workstation licenses of Acronis Snap Deploy 3


Acronis Snap Deploy licensing is based on the number of deployed and/or managed computers. E.g., to deploy a system on 100 computers one needs 100 licenses. Further managing or redeploying of the deployed computers does not require additional licenses.

Depending on the operating system, one needs to have either a workstation or a server license:

License Type
Windows Server 2008 Server
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (x86, x64) Server
Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86, x64) Server
Windows Small Business Server 2003 Server
Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Server
Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions Server
Windows 2000 Server Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server Server
Windows 2000 Professional SP4 Workstation
Windows Vista Home Basic (x86, x64) Workstation
Windows Vista Home Premium (x86, x64) Workstation
Windows Vista Business (x86, x64) Workstation
Windows Vista Ultimate (x86, x64) Workstation
Windows 7 (All Editions) Workstation
Windows XP Home Workstation
Windows XP Professional Workstation
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Workstation
Windows XP Professional SP2 Workstation
Linux (kernel: 2.4.9 - 2.6.x) Server

One needs a workstation license to deploy:

  • a disk or partition without any operating system;
  • unidentifiable operating system.

More information

There is only one installation file for Acronis Snap Deploy 3 - differentiation of server and workstation licenses is done on the Acronis License Server level.

Acronis Universal Deploy has its own serial numbers and license agreement. Depending on the type of the Windows operating system, one will need either a workstation or a server license.

(!) If you have a machine that had an Acronis Snap Deploy license assigned decommissioned, please do one of the following: