1708: Defining Backup Strategy with Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Assistant

Last update: 16-09-2010

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Assistant lets one define backup strategy and backup creation parameters without special technical knowledge or DBA skills


There is special Backup Strategy Assistant implemented in Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server to let not only professionals but also users without DBA skills define the strategy and backup creation parameters.

This Assistant, as a result of Acronis research combined with requests from customers, is based on a special algorithm that was developed by Acronis.


To set up your backup strategy with Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Assistant, you will need to do the following:

  1. Run Create Backup wizard in the main window of the program

  2. Choose Use Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server Assistant

  3. Set the following options:

    1. Performance:

      • Quick backup and smaller backup archives
      • Medium backup and recovery speed with average archive size
      • Quick recovery but backups require more storage space

    2. Acceptable Data Loss:

      • 10 minutes
      • Hour
      • Day

    3. Server Load During a Week

    4. Server Load During a Day

According to the chosen options a customized algorithm will be implemented and thus the backup process will be scheduled.

The algorithm is based on the following parameters (with respect to the options you have chosen):

  • Size of backup and speed of recovery - Compression level and time to restore database;
  • Data Change Rate - Frequency of changes in database;
  • Server load during a week/day - Average load of the target server during the specified time period.

The table below illustrates how the parameters you set influence on defining the backup strategy:

More information

You may find more information about this feature in Chapter 5.2.6 of User Guide: