1703: Acronis Management Console Errors Out with "User name or password is incorrect." when Trying to Connect to Acronis True Image Echo Bootable Agent

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Last update: 26-03-2009

Enter the username and the password, which were specified in the "Remote logon settings" fields when creating Acronis Bootable Media. This should eliminate the issue

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When trying to connect to Acronis Bootable Agent using Acronis Management Console "User name or password is incorrect." error message shows up.


There are two most possible causes:

  1. Username and/or Password fields were left blank when creating Acronis Bootable Media
  2. Username and/or Password you specify are different from the ones that were typed in when creating Acronis Bootable Media.


When creating Acronis Bootable Agent medium you need to enter a username and a password in the corresponding fields. If the bootable media with Acronis Bootable Agent was already created with blank Username and Password fields, you should enter a random username and password (so they would not be blank) in order to connect to the agent successfully.

These credentials then should be specified when connecting to the computer booted up from the Acronis Bootable Agent Media.

More information

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