1685: Parallels Acronis True Image for Plesk: Management Console Fails To Connect To Agent

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Last update: 26-03-2009

Check if the key.plk file is in the installation directory of Acronis Agent

This article applies to:

  • Plesk-integrated Acronis True Image


  1. You are trying to connect to Acronis Agent through Acronis Management Console;
  2. The connection fails with the following error message:

Specify correct logon information for remote computer. Please contact with system administrator about permission or remote authorization rules.


The most possible cause is the missing key.plk file in the installation directory of Acronis Agent.


  1. Check if the key.plk file is present in %plesk_dir%\Acronis\ directory (for Windows version) or in /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/ (for Linux version).

  2. If the key is not present there, then activate Acronis license:

    License Installation

    There are two types of licenses:

    • Acronis True Image for Plesk licenses
    • Acronis True Image standalone licenses

    Acronis True Image for Plesk license can be installed directly via Plesk Control Panel as an additional key if Plesk console is installed on the machine.

    Plesk will automatically update the expiration date of the license as it does for the Plesk license.

    Acronis True Image standalone license can also be used, provided that the license is installed manually:

      Rename the license file to key.plk and copy it to the license directory that was specified during the installation of Acronis True Image.

      E.g. (Linux version): if entered /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/, then you should copy the key to /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/key.plk.

      (!) Make sure to define the Acronis license directory as /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/ during installation in this case. Plesk will place the Acronis license to /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/key.plk

      E.g. (Windows version): if you have installed Plesk to C:\PSA, then you should copy the key to C:\PSA\Acronis\key.plk.

More information

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