16829: Acronis True Image Home 2011: File Versions on Acronis Recovery Tab in File Properties Disappear if the File Has Been Renamed

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Last update: 17-02-2011

This is expected behavior

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2011


  1. You have a backup of a file. This can be a simple file backup or Acronis Nonstop Backup;
  2. You rename the file;
  3. After renaming, the Acronis Recovery tab in File -> Properties shows no previous versions of the file - i.e. no backed up versions:

    There are no previous versions


This is expected behavior. Once you change the name of a file that is protected with Acronis True Image Home 2011, the file is detected as a new one and is not associated with its older backups.


If you need to restore a specific file, please restore it from Acronis True Image Home 2011 user interface.

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