1677: Acronis True Image Home: Backup Locations

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Detailed description of how the Backup Locations feature works in Acronis True Image Home

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Backup Locations management is a feature of Acronis True Image Home that allows you to set up your own backup policy:

  • According to size of backup archives
  • According to quantity of the backup archives
  • According to date of the backup archives

The set up quota is automatically maintained by the program.

Backup Location can be created in any folder on:

  • Internal hard drive
  • External hard drive
  • Any rewritable media that is recognized by the BIOS
  • Network share
  • FTP server

After the backup is created the program checks for quota violations. The backup management is performed by the program by either consolidating incremental/differential backups that belong to the same backup chain or deleting the archives that violate quota limit if the consolidation is not possible.

During the consolidation process the program does the following:

  • Creates a new archive, which will contain the data stored in the original ones
  • Associates the new archive with the chain of archives
  • Then it simply deletes the old ones

Take a look at the scheme of how Backup Locations management works:

More information

Please note that management algorithm as shown on the scheme is not applied if there is only one backup in Backup Location.

The quota violation is only checked after the backup is created.