1676: Error Connecting to Acronis Agent for Linux Installed on 64 Bit Debian Based Systems

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Last update: 25-10-2010

This article describes why it may not be possible to connect to Acronis Agent for Linux installed on Debian x64. The article also provides a solution for that.

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When trying to connect from Acronis Management Console to Acronis Agent for Linux installed on Debian x64 or Ubuntu x64, the following error message is received:

Username or password is incorrect


At the moment, Debian and Ubuntu x86_64 does not support running 32 bit applications to the full extent.

Acronis Agent for Linux is a 32 bit application and it tries to authenticate against 64 bit PAM module by default.


  1. Please install a minimal set of 32 bit libraries:

      #apt-get install ia32-libs

  2. Download i386 package libpam-modules and the packages it depends on: libselinux1, libsepol1 from packages.debian.org

  3. Extract the downloaded packages:

      #dpkg --extract libpam-modules_0.79-4_i386.deb [TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY] #dpkg --extract libselinux1_1.32-3_i386.deb [TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY] #dpkg --extract libsepol1_1.14-2_i386.deb [TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY]

  4. Put the extracted shared libraries to /lib32/

      #mkdir /lib32/security #cp [TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY]/lib/security/* /lib32/security/ #cp [TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY]/lib/libselinux.so.1 /lib32/ #cp [TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY]/lib/libsepol.so.1 /lib32/

  5. Add the path to the extracted libraries to /etc/pam.d/acronisagent

    auth required /lib32/security/pam_unix.so
    account required /lib32/security/pam_unix.so
    auth required /lib32/security/pam_succeed_if.so uid eq 0

  6. Depending on the version you have, restart Acronis Agent for Linux using one of the following commands:

    • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent for Linux
    • /etc/init.d/acronis_agent restart
      /etc/init.d/acronis_mms restart

More information

The article is related to Debian and Debian-based distributions only. If after applying the solution there are still issues, please contact Acronis Support.

See also Running Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server Linux Agent on 64 Bit Red Hat Based Systems.