1669: Testing Computer Memory

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Last update: Thu, 2013-10-31 12:32

Using memtest to check if the machine's memory is healthy


Having a corrupt memory module will result in corrupt backups created by Acronis software.

If you suspect that the memory module of your machine is corrupt, please run memtest to test it.


  1. Download the memtest utility:

  2. Unpack the downloaded archive;

  3. Burn the ISO file to a CD (see Burning an ISO Image);

    (!) Please make sure you burn the file as an Image to have the CD bootable;

  4. After that boot your machine from the media and memtest will start automatically.

If the memory module is faulty there will appear an error count in the Errors column.

The longer you run memtest, the better. If you can run memtest overnight without errors then you can be sure that your RAM functions correctly.

More information

Memtest is a utility designed to test whether the machine memory is healthy. See Memtest86+ site for details.