1662: Deploying Images with Acronis Snap Deploy

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Last update: 25-06-2010

This article describes the step-by-step procedure of deployment


Acronis Snap Deploy provides you with an ability to deploy one image to several machines simultaneously.


Please stick to the following scheme when deploying an image to target computers:

  1. Prepare target computers for deployment:

    • start Acronis Snap Deploy Bootable Agents on them by booting these machines from Acronis Bootable CD or PXE Server.

  2. Connect to the computer with Acronis OS Deploy Server. To do this, use Acronis Snap Deploy Management Console and choose Manage Deployment.
  3. Choose computers from the list in Acronis Snap Deploy Management Console and create a template for deployment (or use the previously saved one). The list shows all target computers that have Acronis Snap Deploy Agents started on them.

After you click the Proceed button, Acronis Snap Deploy performs the following:

  • Completely erases the target hard disk drives
  • Starts uploading the image to these hard disk drives
  • Reboots or shuts down the target computers after deployment is finished

More information

To deploy an image to a computer you should boot it from Acronis Bootable CD or PXE Server and start Acronis Snap Deploy Agent.

For detailed deployment information please see Acronis Snap Deploy User Guide.