1651: Compatibility of Acronis Backup Software with Utimaco SafeGuard Easy

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Last update: 19-02-2013

Acronis True Image either cannot mount an image, when there is Utimaco SafeGuard Easy installed, or Acronis True Image hangs after mounting/unmounting an image. Restoring the backup may also decrypt the data


Acronis True Image gives an error message saying that an image cannot be mounted if there is Utimaco SafeGuard Easy installed on the machine.

Acronis True Image mounts or unmounts an image successfully but hangs after each of these operations if there is Utimaco SafeGuard Easy installed on the machine.

If you restore the backup, it may become decrypted.


Utimaco SafeGuard Easy is a securing tool and it encrypts files and folders.

When creating a backup, Acronis product sees the hard drive as unencrypted. Hence, restoring the backup decrypts it.


Update Ultimaco SafeGuard Easy to the latest build. If this does not resolve the issue, then uninstall Utimaco SafeGuard Easy.

Re-encrypt the hard drive after restoring the data.

More information

Information on Utimaco SafeGuard Easy can be found at http://www.utimaco.com/C12570CF0030C00A/CurrentBaseLink/W26JUFR8139CCHEEN

(!) There is a known issue with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 - only the first backup can be performed. None of the subsequent backups is possible - the partition in the backup wizard will show up as unidentified with no file system.

See Compatibility of Acronis Backup Software with Encryption Software.