1647: Analyzing Installation Logs of Acronis Products Based on MSI Technology

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Last update: 13-01-2023

This article provides information on how to find, identify and resolve typical errors in MSI logs of Acronis software


For information on how to create an MSI log please see Creating an MS Installer Log of Acronis Software.

If the MSI log has encoding issues and is unreadable, you can fix them as explained in this article.

Analysing logs

An error that can be found in an MSI log of an Acronis product is usually the result of a standard or custom action of the installation process. When it is necessary to find such an error in the MSI log, you should open it with a text editor (e.g. notepad) and search for the following phrase:

  • Return value 3 (for English logs)
  • Rückgabewert 3 (for German logs)
  • Возвращенное значение 3 or Код возврата 3 (for Russian logs)
  • Valeur renvoyée: 3 (for French logs)
  • Valor devuelto: 3 (for Spanish logs)
  • Valor de retorno 3 (for Portuguese logs)
  • Valore restituito 3 (for Italian logs)
  • Vrácená hodnota: 3 (for Czech logs)
  • Retourwaarde 3 (for Dutch logs)
  • 戻り値 3 (for Japanese logs)
  • 傳回值 3 (for Chinese logs)
  •  Dönen değer 3 (for Turkish logs)

Once this phrase is found, you should look at the lines, which immediately precede it. These lines have information on what module of the Acronis product fails to be installed and why.

If Return value 3 cannot be found, then you may try searching for the first instance of the following phrase:

  • Rollback:

Once again, you should then check the lines that precede it.

See also: MSI: Installation of Acronis Product Fails without Return Value 3 or Rollback in MSI Log


More information

If none of the described errors are the case or if you have difficulties with any of the instructions, please contact Acronis Support.

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