1645: Backing Up Data Stored on USB Flash Drive

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Last update: 19-10-2010

You can select the Files and folders option of the Acronis True Image Backup Wizard to create an image of data stored on a USB flash drive


Acronis True Image can create an image of the whole flash card only if it is formatted as a hard disk drive. (A hard disk drive has a partition table).

If you wish to back up data on your USB flash card, you will have to pick the My Data option when running Backup Wizard.


  • Run the Acronis True Image Backup Wizard;
  • Select My Data;
  • Navigate to your USB flash card and check all the files or folders you want to back up.

(!) If you scheduled a backup task to back up files on USB flash drive  and USB flash drive is not connected at the time when the scheduled backup starts, backup task will fail.

More information

You can also use your USB flash card as Acronis Rescue Media. For information please see Starting Acronis product from USB flash drive.