1638: Acronis Disk Report

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Last update: 09-09-2021

The Acronis Report collects information about the structure of partitions of your hard disk drives and the file system structure


When sending a support request to Acronis Support, it is always a good idea to send the output information of the Acronis Disk Report utility that you can run on your machine.

You can download the Acronis Disk Report utility from the following link:


The Acronis Disk Report output consists of the following sections:

  • Brief partition layout, which allows taking a quick view on the partitions structure
  • Drives BIOS parameters which allow seeing how the BIOS recognizes the drives
  • Sector dumps of the hard drive system areas including the MBR, extended partition tables and boot sectors hexadecimal dumps
  • The MBR, extended partition tables, and boot sectors including the fields and values of the appropriate sectors

Acronis Disk Report is also included in the default system utility built-in the current Acronis products: see AcronisInfo Utility

The Acronis Disk Report utility cannot and does not collect confidential data from your machine.

More information

Attaching the Acronis Disk Report file to your request for support can expedite request processing and will let an Acronis Support Representative have a clearer understanding of the situation.


If there is an issue that you are experiencing with Acronis software when running it from bootable media. it may also be useful to have Acronis Linux Report.

If your machine is unbootable, then you can create Acronis Disk Report by doing the following:

On a CD or flash drive

  • Download Acronis Disk Report utility from https://download.acronis.com/support/AcronisReport51.exe
  • Run Acronis Disk Report utility and select the Create bootable media option;
  • Insert a blank CD or a flash drive and proceed with creating the bootable media;
  • Boot the computer under consideration from the created media. Choose Safe version if you are going to save the report to an internal hard disk. Choose Full version if you are going to save the report to a network share or external USB disk. Wait for the report creation process to complete;
  • Acronis Disk Report will appear on the selected media as report.txt.