16339: Installation of Acronis Products in Windows Creates Temporary Files in %TMP% on System Partition

Last update: 10-03-2017

Regardless on what partition you install the product, you will always need to have enough free space on the system partition

This article applies to:

  • All Windows editions of Acronis products


Installation of an Acronis product in Windows creates temporary files on the system partition.

These temporary files are an extraction of the product files necessary for the installation. This is a standard installation procedure for almost any product designed for Windows.

The default Windows folder for the extraction is Temp on the system partition.

You can view the folder by doing the following:

  • Hit Start-Run and type in %TMP%

Regardless of the installation path, the initial files will always be extracted to the temporary folder. These files are temporary - on the installation completion (successful or not), the files will be automatically deleted.

If there is not enough free space on the partition with the Temp folder (the folder by default is on the system partition), the installation will fail with an error message similar to the following one:

There is not enough free space

It is strongly recommended to have enough free space on the system partition.

More information

(!) Even if you choose to install a product on a non-system partition, some of the files will be installed on the system partition. This is a Windows requirement for correct product operation.