16136: Acronis True Image Home 2011: Post Commands Fail if You Run a Backup Task and Log Off before Completion

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Last update: 14-07-2011

The post command will fail only if you run an unscheduled task and log off before the task completion

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2011


  1. You create a backup task and in Backup options on provide a post command:

    For example shutdown -s

  2. Then you start the backup by clicking Backup now:

  3. When the backup starts, you log off from the system;
  4. Execution of the post command fails.

    Also, the backup task will fail in the same scenario if the following flag is set:

    Abort the operation if the user command fails


When you create a backup task and run it immediately by clicking Backup now, the task will run under the current user account - i.e. under the user that is currently logged and that created the task.

If the user logs off, the post command will fail, since there will be no current user to execute the command. This is expected behavior.


You can work around this behavior by creating a scheduled task and then running it:

  1. To schedule a backup task see Acronis True Image Home 2011: Scheduling a Backup;
  2. Once the task is scheduled, you can run it immediately (if necessary) - on the main screen click Back up now next to the task:

    The post command execution will not fail even if you log off, because a scheduled task always runs under Local System account instead of the user account.

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