1612: Data Integrity during Disk Cloning with Acronis Migrate Easy

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Last update: 15-07-2009

The way data integrity is handled during data transfer to a new hard disk drive


The operating system handles data integrity during transfer. It is like copying data from one drive to another. As with any data transfer, do not turn off your computer during the data migration process. If the process is interrupted, the data on the new disk might be incomplete; we recommend that you rerun the entire process. Note that the data on the original disk will not be lost if the copy process is interrupted.

More information

If you want to learn how to use Acronis Migrate Easy without any actual changes to the data on your hard disks, you can choose either of the following methods:

  1. All operations with hard disk drives are pending until you specifically tell the software to make changes. This means that first you create a scenario of how the partitions are transferred to a new hard disk drive. You can view all changes before they are actually made. You are required to approve changes by clicking on the Commit (flag) icon. If you do not click the flag icon, no changes are made to your hard disk drives.
  2. There is a demo version of Acronis Migrate Easy. It gives you access to all operating modes, so that you can learn to use the product, but it does not allow you to launch the program and overwrite your own data with demo data.