1599: Rebooting the Machine to Perform an Operation with Acronis Disk Director

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Last update: 26-03-2009

There are cases when Acronis Disk Director may require you to reboot the machine to perform an operation


Acronis Disk Director might require you to reboot your computer if the partition involved in the operation cannot be locked (for instance, contains open files). In this case, Acronis Disk Director prompts you to reboot the computer after you commit the operation. Please note that the system partition (the partition the operating system files are stored on) always contains open files.

More information

After you reboot, your computer boots into the native mode with all Windows drivers running, but with no applications other than Acronis Disk Director. You can see the progress of the program work on the screen and, after the operation is complete, the computer is booted into Windows as usual.