1593: Scheduling Tasks in Acronis Privacy Expert

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Last update: Thu, 2009-03-26 18:17

Scheduling several tasks at a time and managing scheduled tasks


You can schedule several tasks at a time. All the tasks you scheduled will start at the time you choose.

To view or manage the scheduled tasks go to Tools -> Schedule a task or click on the Schedule a task icon on the toolbar, or choose Schedule a task on the sidebar. There you will find a list of available tasks which you can schedule. All scheduled tasks are marked with a little red-circled clock sign. You can un-schedule any task by choosing the Do not start automatically option on the Start Parameters screen of the Schedule task wizard.

More information

A scheduled clean-up might lead to errors if data to be deleted is used by other programs.

You can set up Acronis Privacy Expert for such a situation by selecting one of the options: Ignore, Retry, Cancel or Ask user.