1585: Using Acronis OS Selector to Make Selected Partitions Invisible to a Specific Operating System

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Last update: 26-03-2009

How to hide partitions from an operating system by means of Acronis OS Selector


You can use Acronis OS Selector to hide partitions from a specific operating system.


You should do the following to perform this task:

  1. Reboot your computer and wait for the Acronis OS Selector boot menu to appear.
  2. Enter the Setup (by choosing Setup from the Tools pull-down menu, or by pressing Ctrl-S).
  3. In the Setup switch to the operating systems view (by pressing F5).
  4. Select the operating system, for which you want to specify what partitions are hidden. Be sure to select an operating system, not a configuration. Open operating system properties (by pressing Enter).
  5. In the operating system properties choose Partitions tab, and specify what partitions are hidden or visible for this operating system.

More information

For information on how to limit users' access to one machine please see Using Acronis OS Selector to Limit Several Users' Access to Software on the Machine.