15813: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: Test of Pre/Post Command Fails with "The parameter is incorrect" in Remote Desktop Session

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Test of the command fails because the user is impersonated differently in Remote Desktop Session. The actual command within the backup plan will be executed fine

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10


  1. You are logged in to the server via Remote Desktop connection;
  2. You set up a backup plan and under its settings specify a pre- or a post-backup command;
  3. You click on the Test command button;
  4. The test execution fails with the following error message:

    Failed to execute the user command.
    Code: 65,520(0xFFF0)
    Message: The parameter is incorrect

  5. However, when the backup plan runs (on schedule or manually), the command is executed successfully.


The issue is related to the way a user is impersonated in a Remote Desktop session. There are not enough privileges for the user to log on as batch job in a Remote Desktop session.


The command will run successfully as a part of a backup plan. Only test fails.

More information

If you are logged in directly (physically) on the server, you should not experience this issue.