1573: When Trying to Order an Acronis Product an Error Keeps Showing Saying That the Order Cannot Be Processed

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Last update: Mon, 2020-05-25 14:01

There are several reasons why an order cannot be processed at the moment


When trying to order an Acronis product from the Acronis Online Store you are receiving an error message stating that the order cannot be processed at the moment


Please ensure that your credit card is valid and is not over your credit limit.


We suggest that you to place an order by phone. Phone numbers for different countries are available at CleverBridge Customer Service Contacts page.

More information

When placing an order via phone, please have your credit card information at hand.

Other payment options:

  • Wire transfer - When paying by wire transfer, the product cannot be delivered until payment is received;
  • PayPal - You will need to access your PayPal account through the PayPal website to conclude your order. The ordered product will be sent as soon as you have made the payment through PayPal. Please note that using PayPal may cause a delay in the delivery of your products if you have not activated your PayPal account, you have insufficient funds in your account or due to technical problems within the paypal system;
  • Check/Money Order - When paying by check or money order, the product cannot be delivered until payment is received.