1563: Backing up Databases, Such as MySQL, with Acronis True Image Server for Linux

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Last update: 16-02-2010

How to back up databases using Acronis True Image Server for Linux


If the database supports transactions, the transactions active at the moment of creating a snapshot may be corrupted.

This means that after restoration, the database should roll back such transactions and the database will become consistent. Data of only active transactions will be lost. If you agree with the this, you do not need to undertake any other actions. If you want to save consistent data, you have several ways: If you are working in the GUI mode, you should use Pre/post commands in Backup Creation Options to stop your database before backup starts and restart it after backup is completed or use Before/after data capture commands to suspend the database for a short period of time required for making a snapshot of data being backup up.

More information

For detailed information on how to back up databases please see Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux user's guide (chapter 5.3.4. Before/after data capture commands).