1550: Standalone Version of Acronis True Image Cannot Find Network Share with an Image Archive

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There can be several reasons why you are not able to locate the desired network share when booted from a standalone version of Acronis True Image


You have booted from the standalone version of Acronis True Image and do not see the necessary computer in the network, where the image archive should reside.


A DHCP Server may not be running in the network.

Network setting may not be set correctly in your copy of the standalone version of Acronis True Image.

The problem can relate to the network card of the machine or to the card driver shipped with Acronis True Image.


Please make sure you are using the latest build of the product. See Downloading the Latest Build of Acronis Software.

If at least one computer is visible in Computers near me on the Image Archive Selection screen, then try specifying the full UNC path to the desired computer in the "File name" edit box, e.g. \\server\share.

If no computers are visible on the network, but the Computers near me icon is found under My Computer, then please ensure that a DHCP server is running on your network. If you do not use a DHCP server, then please enable network connection, specify network settings manually in the window, available at Tools -> Options -> Network adapters.

If the Computers near me icon is not available under My Computer, then there could be problems either with your network card or with the card driver shipped with Acronis True Image. Please contact Acronis Customer Central and provide information about your network card model and vendor. Please attach Acronis Linux Report to your request as well.

More information

For information on the standalone version see Standalone Version of Acronis Software.

See also Windows Editions of Acronis Backup Software Do Not Support Linux NFS Shares


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