15476: Acronis Snap Deploy 3: "Unable to load Linux Kernel" on DELL Latitude E6410 and E6510

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Last update: 10-11-2010

Change hard drive mode to SATA to resolve the issue

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  • Acronis Snap Deploy 3


  1. You boot a Dell Latitude E6410 or E6510 from Acronis Bootable Media or from PXE Server;
  2. You select to boot into Acronis Snap Deploy Agent;
  3. The product errors out with messages similar to the following ones:

    Unable to load Linux Kernel

    Unable to load initial ramdisk


Issue in the product. Acronis Snap Deploy 3 is unable to detect hard disks of the computer in RAID mode.


  1. Install the latest build of Acronis Snap Deploy 3. See Downloading the Latest Build of Acronis Software.

    (!) You need to recreate Acronis Bootable Media and/or reupload the components to PXE server after installing the latest build.

  2. If installing the latest build does not help, change hard drive operation mode in BIOS to SATA.

More information

See also Investigating Issues with Acronis PXE Server.