15445: Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange: Installation Fails on IsMAPIInstalled Check

Last update: 10-11-2010

Download the installation file with the fix

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange


  1. Installation of Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Agent fails and rolls back;
  2. In the installation log of the product there are the following entries:

    (!) For information on how to analyze the installation log see Analyzing Installation Logs of Acronis Products Based on MSI Technology.

    1: MSIGEN:Run MsiCheckExchangeAndMAPIInstall
    1: MSIGEN:Run IsExchangeInstalled
    1: MSIGEN:Run Is32ProcessRunInWow64
    1: MSIGEN:Is32ProcessRunInWow64 result: true
    1: MSIGEN:Run IsMAPIInstalled Action ended 14:29:51: InstallFinalize. Return value 3


Issue in the product.


As a workaround, download and run the following file with the Acronis Agent that has the fix:

More information

The fix will also be included in the next officially released build of the product.