1511: Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0

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Last update: 10-01-2019

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 has been discontinued. There are no updates planned for the product.

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 was written specifically to obliterate confidential data from partitions and hard disk drives.

There are algorithms of different complexity and speed offered for data destruction.

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 includes most known national governmental standards for hard disk data destruction, for example the U.S. Standard, DoD 5220.22-M.

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 also includes powerful erasing algorithms developed by authoritative experts in computer data security.

More information

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 is intended for anyone responsible for data storage (and destruction) in corporations, financial and government agencies, small and medium-size businesses, where confidential documents or data are created and used. The top users of our software are system engineers and information system administrators, and servers and databases maintainers.

Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 will ensure permanent erasure of sensitive data - completely eliminating the possibility of erroneous data recovery.