1510: Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 9.0

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Last update: 01-07-2021

Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 9.0: description, functionality

(!) Acronis Privacy Expert Product Line Discontinued.


Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 9.0 is an integrated software suite that provides confidentiality and protects PCs connected to the Internet:

  • Malicious Software Removal - Clean-up of malware that secretly operates on the user's PC
  • Malware Shield - Real time analysis of proactive processes and detection of registry changes
  • Internet clean-up - Protects your Internet privacy removing traces of your surfing
  • Pop-up Blocker - Stops unwanted pop-up ads for convenient Web browsing
  • System clean-up - Removes traces of your system activities
  • Application Traces clean-up - Completely remove all traces of your work with various Windows applications
  • Disk clean-up - Securely destroys all data on your old hard disk
  • File Shredder - Makes your deleted data unrecoverable by undelete or unerase utilities
  • Data Destruction methods - Wipes out all data without the possibility to recover through the use of 8 powerful data destruction methods

Unlike competitive products that just delete old user information, Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 9.0 fully removes the evidence of computer activity through the use of guaranteed data destruction methods. It also increases PC performance by cleaning out temporary files.

More information

Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 9.0 has many new features that make it a fully integrated software suite:

  • User-friendly and simple wizards that remove all traces of user actions from PCs quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Enhanced Malicious Software Removal wizard that scans your computer for malicious software and moves it to the Quarantine folder
  • Fully new Malware Shield - continuous protection against malicious software that now offers multiple levels of security
  • Daily updated database of malware definitions
  • Quarantine feature enables the user to restore and remove malicious objects (files, registry keys etc.), deleted by malicious software removal operations
  • Updated Acronis Pop-up Blocker - a convenient and powerful tool protecting you from importunate pop-up advertising