1509: Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate

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Last update: 19-08-2010

Using Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate you can protect computers in your network from getting infected with spyware. You can execute Acronis Privacy Expert tasks on remote machines from one location

(!) See also Acronis Privacy Expert Product Line Discontinued.


Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate is an integrated software suite that protects computers connected to the Internet on your network:

  • Management Console - A powerful tool used to deploy components and execute Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate tasks on remote computers
  • Spyware Software Removal - Clean-up of spyware that secretly operates on the user's computer
  • Spyware Shield - Real time analysis of proactive processes and detection of registry changes
  • Quarantine - A special protected folder on the user's computer that contains recently deleted spyware objects in case you need them
  • Spyware Updates - Spyware Definitions update service that enables you to obtain the most up-to-date information and spyware protection from Acronis
  • Pop-up Blocker - Stops unwanted pop-up ads for convenient Web browsing

More information

Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate has many new features that make it a fully integrated software suite:

  • Remote deleting of malware programs from network computers to ensure that outside entities do not obtain access to internal/confidential data
  • Managing malware tasks on networked computers from one central location
  • Scheduling malware scans on all networked computers on a regular basis without user intervention
  • Smart scanning searches for malware in the most likely locations, including system, user profile and temporary files folders, as well as in the system registry
  • Deep scanning searches all folders on the PC hard drive
  • Keylogging detection protects usernames and passwords from getting into the wrong hands
  • Quarantine feature enables the administrator to look through the list of objects (files, registry keys etc.), deleted by malware removal operations, and restore any of them if necessary
  • Remote installation of Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate components to network computers
  • Comprehensive Malware Shield prevents malware from being installed to networked computers
  • Constantly monitors running processes and provides alerts if any suspicious actions of programs are detected (such as trying to change the Windows registry and to launch at startup)
  • Prevents changing of ActiveX components' settings
  • Prevents applications from making changes to Web browser settings, including home page, search page, etc. This ensures that employees go to the pages they select
  • Pop-up ad blocker ensures that annoying pop-up ads do not interfere with Web browsing
  • Internet updates service keeps malware definitions up-to-date. Updates can be downloaded manually via a wizard or automatically as a scheduled task