14823: Acronis True Image Home 2011: High CPU Load on Acronis Nonstop Backup Restart

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Last update: 01-11-2010

Depending on the amount of protected data modified since Acronis Nonstop Backup was paused, restarting it may temporary load CPU

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2011


You have Acronis Nonstop Backup running;

You pause Acronis Nonstop Backup;

After Acronis Nonstop Backup is paused, there is considerable amount of protected data modified. For example, you protect your system partition, pause Acronis Nonstop Backup and install a new application;

You restart Acronis Nonstop Backup;

After the restart, Acronis Nonstop Backup loads the CPU for some time. Then the process (afcdpsrv.exe) goes back to normal.


This is expected behavior.

If you pause and then restart Acronis Nonstop Backup, it will need to check the backed up data against the data modified when the process was paused to ensure the protection continuity. If there was a considerable amount of data modified, the process may load CPU for some time. After the check is done and all the modified data is backed up, Acronis Nonstop Backup goes back to normal.


This is expected behavior.

It is most unlikely that you will experience the CPU load when running file or folder protection. The chances understandably increase if you choose to protect entire partition(s).

More information

See also Acronis Nonstop Backup: FAQ.