14713: Acronis True Image Home: Try&Decide Is Incompatible with Raxco PerfectDisk

An attempt to apply Try&Decide changes results in BSOD and system reboot

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2011: Try&Decide
  • Acronis True Image Home 2010: Try&Decide


  1. You have Raxco PerfectDisk installed on the machine;
  2. Using Acronis True Image Home, you enable Try&Decide;
  3. At some point you restart the machine - and get to Try&Decide boot menu with the options Continue in the mode and Stop and discard;
  4. You choose Continue in the mode;
  5. The machine reboots in the loop (if autoreboot is disabled, you will see a BSOD because of which the reboot happens) and gets back to the Try&Decide boot menu. You can only choose Stop and discard to successfully boot in Windows.


The Try&Decide feature is incompatible with Raxco PerfectDisk. The PerfectDisk defragfs.sys conflicts with Try&Decide driver and prevents it from applying the changes.


The only solution to boot in Windows successfully at the moment is to select Stop and discard.

(!) Selecting Stop and discard will discard all the changes made to the system in the Try&Decide mode. Acronis True Image Home will roll back the system to the state right before the Try&Decide start.

If you would like to use the Try&Decide feature, the only possible workaround at the moment is to completely uninstall Raxco PerfectDisk from the machine.

If you choose to uninstall Raxco PerfectDisk, please make sure that the defragfs.sys process is removed as well:

  1. Hit Start-Run and type in cmd

  2. In the command line, issue fltmc

  3. Check if the DefragFS instance is there:

    If it is not, it is safe to use Try&Decide.

More information

If you are not sure how to uninstall Raxco PerfectDisk, please contact Raxco Support.