14300: Acronis True Image: Backup Fails with 0x000B03EC

Last update: 29-03-2016

The backup task points to a non-existent partition as backup destination


  1. Using Acronis True Image, you run a backup task;
  2. The task fails with the following error code:

    and message:
    Cannot find the partition selected for the backup
    Cannot find source partition


The partition specified in the task as backup source does not exist or is not connected to the computer.

Alternatively, the issue can occur if you substituted the disk that was set to be backed up with a cloned disk (e.g. you have set the product to back up disk D:, then you cloned disk D: and put it in the system instead of the original one).


You can either delete the task and recreate it. Or you can edit the existing task and point it to a new valid location:

More information

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