14084: Acronis Backup to Cloud: Large Scale Recovery

Last update: 31-03-2016

LSR is an extra service that enables you to obtain a copy of the backups you have in the online storage. You can then recover data from this copy as would recover a regular backup.

Once you order LSR for a particular machine, Acronis sends you a USB hard disk drive with all of the backups made from this machine. You can recover data directly from the disk or copy the backups to a local or network folder. The USB hard disk price is included

You may want to use this service if transferring the backup data over the Internet takes too much time.

If you are not sure whether you need LSR, you can check the approximate data transfer table:

Internet connection speed 100 MB 1 GB 10 GB
500 kbps 36 min 336 min 3330 min
1 Mbps 20 min 170 min 1670 min
5 Mbps 6 min 36 min 336 min
10 Mbps 5 min 20 min 170 min

If you are not sure about your Internet connection speed, you can check it with speedtest.net.

LSR includes Acronis Universal Restore by default. Whether to restore an LSR backup to the same machine it was taken from or to a different one is entirely up to you.

The Large Scale Recovery will start within the same or next business day when the order is received with an average transfer rate of 30 GB/hr.

For LSR licensing please see Acronis Backup to Cloud: Large Scale Recovery Licensing.