14078: Acronis Backup to Cloud: Large Scale Recovery Licensing

Last update: 08-04-2016

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LSR is licensed per machine irrespective of the number of full backups and incremental backups from the same machine.

For example, if you have one or more full backups with chains of incremental backups from one machine, you will need one license to use LSR.

In other words, when you order LSR, you will get all data from the online storage from one activated subscription.

Sample scenario with a reassigned license

  1. You have one activated online backup subscription;
  2. You create one full back up from Machine 1 to the online storage using one activated subscription;
  3. Then you reassign this activated subscription to Machine 2, and create one full backup from Machine 2 to the online storage;
  4. Now you have two full backups on the online storage;
  5. When you order LSR, you will receive all data from this activated subscription. This means you will receive two full backups from two different machines at the price of one LSR license.

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