14043: Acronis Backup to Cloud: Creating Initial Seeding Backup

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Last update: 04-09-2019

Back up -> Online backup storage -> Log in. Under "Backup scheme" select "Initial seeding"

What is Initial Seeding?

For general information on Initial Seeding see Acronis Backup to Cloud: Initial Seeding.

Step 1 - Get a license

Make sure you have a license for Initial Seeding. See Acronis Backup to Cloud: Initial Seeding Licensing and Acronis Backup to Cloud: Purchasing Initial Seeding.

(!) If you do not have a purchased Initial Seeding license, the Initial Seeding backup will fail.

Step 2 - Make Initial Seeding backup

  1. Start the product and click Back up;
  2. Select what to back up, and under Where to back up, click Location.
  3. Select Cloud storage and click Log in...

  4. Type in your credentials:

    The credentials here are the same as the ones you use to log into your account at the Acronis website.

  5. Type archive name.
  6. Under How to back up, next to Backup scheme, select Initial seeding:
  7. Under Full backup provide a path where to put the Initial Seeding backup:
  8. It is strongly recommended that you set encryption for the backup in the Backup options:
  9. Click OK to start the backup.

    (!) Do not modify the backup archive name after backup creation. The archive name is written in a special XML file that is created on the storage side when the Initial Seeding backup starts. If you modify the name, the backup will not be recognized by XML file and will not be uploaded.

Once the Initial Seeding backup starts, you will receive an automatic E-mail with the following information:

  • Confirmation that an Initial Seeding backup license has been assigned to the machine;
  • Order details.

Step 3 - Send Initial Seeding

  1. If backup was saved to a local folder, copy it to the media you'll send to Acronis datastore. See also Acronis Backup to Cloud Initial Seeding: Supported HDD Types.
  2. Find your datacenter address: after your Initial Seeding backup has been successfully created, navigate to Cloud Backup For Business section in your account on Acronis website and under Initial Seeding / Recovery find the datacenter address.
  3. Package the drive carefully and send the drive to the Datacenter.

Step 4 (optional) - Get the drive back

  1. Pre-pay the return of the drive.
  2. On the transport company's website, prepare and print the shipping label for the return shipment and put it in the box. If you do not enclose the label, your drive will be securely discarded after uploading data to the Cloud storage.

More information

(!) See also Acronis Backup to Cloud: Disk Defragmentation Is Not Recommended.