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Last update: Tue, 2010-08-24 14:31

Starting Try&Decide, accepting or discarding changes

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2011


You can run your system in a special try mode with the Try&Decide feature. In this mode you can try out new applications or experiment with the system while being sure that you can always discard the changes made to the system and revert it back to the state it was just before turning on the Try&Decide mode.

When you turn on the Try&Decide mode, the product activates a special Acronis driver, which starts reading all requests to the protected partition and forwards these to the storage location you have selected.

When the driver detects a write request to the protected partition's file system - that is, when a data block should be written to the hard drive, - it forwards the data block to be written to the storage location. When the driver detects a read request, it checks if there is a data block with the same ID in the storage location. If the same ID is found, the driver forces the system to read the data block from the storage location. If the same ID is not found, the driver allows the system to read from the physical drive.

If you turn off the Try&Decide mode and apply the changes, the product transfers the saved data from the storage location to the protected partition.

If you turn off the Try&Decide mode and discard the changes, the product deactivates the driver, reboots and deletes all the saved data from the storage location.

Things to remember when using the Try&Decide mode:

  • System performance may slow down in the Try&Decide mode;
  • Try&Decide does not track changes in disk partitions. This means that you should not use the Try&Decide mode to try resizing partitions or changing their layout;
  • In the Try&Decide mode, do not run disk defragmentation or disk error checking utilities. This may irreparably corrupt the file system and make the system unbootable;
  • The product will alert you when it runs out of free space in the storage location and it is time to apply or discard the changes. If you disable the alerts in the settings, the product will automatically reboot the system when Try&Decide runs out of free space; all changes will be discarded;
  • In the Try&Decide mode, Acronis Startup Recovery Manager is inaccessible. After you stop the Try&Decide mode, you will need to deactivate and activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager to be able to use it;
  • If there are multiple operating systems and you stop the Try&Decide mode with discarding the changes and rebooting, you will be able to boot only into the operating system that you used to work in the Try&Decide mode. After a second reboot, you will be able to boot other operating systems as well;
  • USB drive cannot be used as Try&Decide storage.

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