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"Back up my critical data" is a one-click backup tool

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  • Acronis True Image Home 2011


Back up my critical data is the Acronis One-Click Backup tool that allows you to begin protecting your computer as soon as you install Acronis True Image Home. The default settings provide regularly updated backup of your system partition, and nonstop protection of your personal data. The tool will also analyze your storage devices and choose the optimum place for the backups.

Back up my critical data is available on the welcome screen of the product:

You can invoke the welcome screen at any time in the product by selecting Help -> Welcome screen:


  1. On the welcome screen, select Back up my critical data:

  2. Select the items you would like to back up:

    • My computer - the product will create a full backup of the system partition on which Windows is installed;
    • Documents, Desktop, Favorites etc - the product will start nonstop backup protection of the current user profile folder. You can later stop nonstop backup protection or restore your personal files from the nonstop backup storage. See also Acronis True Image Home 2011: Nonstop Backup
    • Destination - there are three requirements for the backup destination, otherwise it will not be available. The requirements are:
      • The partition should be other than the system partition. This is because the system partition itself is being protected, and it is not recommended to save the backup of a partition onto itself. If you include Documents, Desktop, Favorites etc for backup, you will simply not be able to select the system partition as destination. This is because nonstop backup storage cannot exist on the same partition which is (or part of it) in under nonstop backup protection.
      • The partition should have NTFS file system. This is because the nonstop backup storage can only be placed on a partition with NTFS file system. See also Acronis True Image Home 2011: Nonstop Backup.
      • The partition should have enough free space.
  3. Click Back up now to start the protection:

More information

See also Acronis True Image Home 2011: Use backup assistant.