12211: Acronis Remote Assistance

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Last update: 24-02-2022

Using Acronis Remote Assistance for troubleshooting 


In some cases, an Acronis Support (ACC) representative might ask you to run Acronis Remote Assistance (software) in order to access your computer. This is done to help troubleshoot a possible issue that you may have.

Acronis respects your privacy, and no confidential or sensitive data is viewed or gathered. See also Acronis Privacy Statement.


Running Acronis Remote Assistance without installation:

    1. Download Acronis Remote Assistance in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, or Japanese (click on the necessary language to download the tool in that laguage), and run it. Depending on your operating system, the installation file will be automatically downloaded for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.
    2. Provide your ACC representative with Your ID and Password of the session:

Your machine will not be accessible over Acronis Remote Assistance after you close Acronis Remote Assistance.

(!) If you have active Remote Desktop (RDP) connections from the machine where you run Acronis Remote Assistance and RDP windows are minimized, they may interfere with Acronis Remote Assistance functionality. To prevent possible issues, it is recommended to close all RDP connections before using Acronis Remote Assistance or not to minimize them.

More information

Acronis Support also uses other tools for remote access:

Please contact your Acronis Support Agent if you have difficulties with the above.

Also, please see the Acronis Privacy Statement. The Acronis Remote Assistance connection will only be used to address an Acronis support case.